Six members of a media company go on a weekend business retreat at an isolated lodge in the woods. When one of the members goes missing, they discover that the lodge was formerly a private mental institution that had been shut down after allegations of devious misconduct. One by one, they fall victim to the dark secrets buried at the lodge.


  • Donny Boaz
    Zacry Stabard
  • Rebecca Pitkin
    Meigan De Foresi
  • Danilo Di Julio
    Dale Re
  • Eli Bildner
    Tedi Calcan
  • Devon Ogden
    Lira Tuls
  • Aidan Flynn
  • Trista Robinson
    Rita Pulis
  • Melanie Avalon
    ICU Nurse
  • Landon Ashworth
    Joel Sau
  • John Kerry
    Dr. Rexif
  • Circus-Szalewski
    Mr. Warren
  • Lisa Goodman
  • Lelee Parrish
    Tessa (voice)
  • Dominic Bagarozzi
    Medical Assistant
  • Tiffany-Leigh Moskow
    Lobotomy Girl


  • Ace Jordan
    Written & Directed by
  • Heather Smith
    Story by
  • Taryn Stenberg
    Story by
  • Ace Jordan
    Executive Producer
  • Michael Muscal
    Line Producer
  • Robbin Ormond
    Line Producer
  • Rick Tucker
    Produced by
  • Colin Carey
    Associate Producer
  • Bob De Almeida
    Associate Producer
  • Aaron Glazer
    Production Designer
  • Pam Gilles
    Casting by
  • Simon Wilkinson
    Music by
  • Elmo Blatch
    Edited by
  • Miles Smith
    Edited by
  • Gregory White
    Director of Photography
  • Jim Ojala
    Special Make Up